New Articles: Buying Kitchen Knives and Uncommon Origins of the Common Fork

Here are links to a couple of articles I’ve written recently.

The Hungry Beast is host to “The Perfect Use for Deadly Weapons,” a piece on how to buy quality kitchen knives. The Hungry Beast is the food section of The Daily Beast, Tina Brown’s news ‘n’ gossip site, a more salacious I’m not wild about the title they attached to the article, but it does have some good takeaway information if you are in the market to outfit your kitchen. I hope to be writing for the site semi-regularly so give them a look.

The Uncommon Origins of the Common Fork appeared on Leite’s Culinaria. The history of the fork is surprisingly controversial.

When we pick up a dinner fork we rarely think about how or why it came to be. Using it is as natural as using our own hands. But the fork is a relative newcomer to the table, appearing many centuries, even millennia, after the knife and spoon. The fork’s short and rocky history is the story of the evolution of etiquette and table manners. It’s also the story of how a doomed Byzantine princess, a French Cardinal disgusted by his dinner guests, and an intrepid English traveler forever changed the way western society eats.

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