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Low Budget Knife Skills Videos

Two videos on basic knife skills. Felini they ain’t, but The Pinch & The Claw are your keys to making precision knife cuts with speed, safety and style. The Onion Cheat is a quick and easy way to dice an onion.

6 comments to Low Budget Knife Skills Videos

  • Aaron

    This is fantastic. Why doesn’t everyone use the onion cheat?

  • Chad,

    Your book is really wonderful. You’ve helped lift the veil on some topics for which I needed clarity.

    Your videos are also helpful. If you have time, please put up a few videos of you doing freehand sharpening on a benchstone – while the photos in your book are surely helpful, I find the video to be the easiest way to distance-learn when studying motion, like the gestures involved in sharpening.

    Thanks so much, and keep teachin’ the people.



  • David

    I agree. I would love to see videos on knife sharpening!

    The book is awesome. Thank you for bringing some much-needed clarity and humor to this topic.

  • greg zywicki

    Seconded on sharpening videos.

    I like to make a series of radial cuts – sort of like the spokes on a bike wheel. Less cutting, no horizontal cutting.

    But I do think I’ll try the cheat also.

  • I’ll third that, I would also love to see videos on knife sharpening. I really enjoy your website.


  • Amy W.

    Me too, I’d really love to see a video on sharpening. I’ve seen Edge Pro’s sharpening video which was great, but I’d like instruction on how to use the sharpening rod (you know the one that comes with knife sets)- I never seem to get the correct angle.

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