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David Leite has been kind enough (or desperate enough) to invite me to do a couple of guest pieces for his blog on Leite’s Culinaria.

Today’s entry, “So Ya Wanna Buy a Knife”

You have decided that it is time to get serious, time to show the world that you have arrived and are ready to cook. You have decided to buy some decent kitchen knives.

For those who haven’t yet been introduced, Leite’s Culinaria is food writer David Leite’s multiple Beard Award winning website featuring articles, insights, reviews and recipes. As one writer put it,

“Edited by David Leite, [Leite’s Culinaria] is kind of The Atlantic Monthly for food lovers, with well-written essays by Leite or one of his posse of fellow food-obsessed wordsmiths. There are always recipes that are begging to be tried, columns that are both funny and informative, product reviews, interviews…basically hours of enjoyment to delve into.”

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  1. While I have no major disagreement with the concept that you only really need two knives in the kitchen, one chef’s and one paring, in reality a boning (fillet) knife and cleaver of the same quality as your chef’s knife will save a lot of time.

    We only buy whole chickens, and I tend to buy chuck in 30 lb blocks and whole pork loins. I wouldn’t want to try and break those down with only a chef’s knife.

    And if you tried to take my wife’s Santuko away, she might well leave the 10″ chef’s knife in you.

    One thing you didn’t empasise enough, I think, was the knife has to be comfortable in your hand. If they only have the sealed plastic boxes find another store.

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