First Review from

The first review is in. The good folks at have just posted a glowing review of An Edge in the Kitchen:

If you’ve spent any time at all researching kitchen knives, you quickly realize that there’s a lot of disinformation out there. Myths, misperceptions and outright lies abound. Chad attempts to debunk some of these myths and give you an unbiased, straight scoop on knives. . . .

Overall, the book is a great read. Chad’s got a breezy writing style and a sharp sense of humor. I doubt we’ll see a sequel or that they’ll turn it into a movie, but it’s quite entertaining nonetheless.

If you want to learn about knives, as any serious cook really should, I can recommend no better way than to check out this book. <click to see the whole review>

The only thing I object to is the dismissal of the movie idea. I often spend hours wondering who is going to play me on the big screen.

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