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Jason Perlow and I had a lengthy conversation about kitchen knives when he was in Raleigh. The result has just been posted on his award winning foodie website, Off the Broiler. You can listen to the podcast while you peruse photos of my less than immaculate kitchen.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to the podcast, but wish Perlow had allowed you to remain on target while answering questions. I’m a semi-kitchen knife collector, and a potter in Seagrove, and noticed a couple of a buddy’s pots on your kitchen windowsill in the top image. Nice. You caught my attention when you mentioned MAC’s, but that road seemed to end there. For those of us that can’t spend over $100 on a knife, MAC is the best value on the market, IMHO. I have 5, and promote them to my customer base that are into cooking and related tools. Am looking forward to buying and reading your book. Blessings-Tom

  2. Thanks, Tom! We did meander a bit more than I would have liked. Nice catch on the pottery. We have pieces from DirtWorks, Ray Pottery, Earth & Fire and a couple of others. I’ll make sure we stop by your shop next time we’re in Seagrove. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

    You are absolutely right about MAC knives. Even with a recent price increase, their Professional series (my favorite) is still reasonably priced. I didn’t get to talk about them as much as I would have liked on the podcast, but there is a reason that professional line cooks love MAC knives. They are inexpensive, razor sharp right out of the box and can take quite a bit of abuse. I’m glad you are promoting them to friends and customers.

    Take care,

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