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Chicken Breakdown 101 (Mike Pardus)

Chef Mike Pardus is a CIA instructor, one of Michael Ruhlman’s early mentors, and a frequent contributor to Bob del Grosso’s A Hunger Artist blog. He has posted a series of three videos detailing the proper way to break down a chicken, one of the most important things any cook should know. He does a great job with the videos. I was planning my own chicken video, but his are so good that mine would just be redundant. So here they are:

Mike Pardus’s Chicken 101 video 1

Chicken 101 video 2

Chicken 101 video 3

There you go, folks. That’s how it’s done. Emancipate yourself from bland, flavorless chicken breasts. Buy a whole chicken! It’s is fairly simple to break one down with a little practice, and the a whole chicken is usually six or seven times less expensive per pound. Remember to save the carcass for stock.

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