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Great Review from Om-Nom-Nomnivore

I’m sorry I missed this when it first came out, but better late than never. This is a great review from the website Om Nom Nomnivore.

This book is quite bluntly, amazing. Chad has done such a good job in demystifying the whole world of professional-grade cutlery. The entire book is written to be the […]

Apple Cinnamon Granola

When we began our cooking from scratch experiment I knew I was going to have to find a replacement for commercial breakfast cereal. My kids were only going to put up with so much toast & peanut butter or yogurt before demanding something they could put in a bowl and pour milk on. Puffing […]

Through the Seasons with Cap’n Danger, Stunt Monkey

It was early fall last year when I first started thinking about this project and whether a suburban family really could make everything it eats from scratch. For us now, fall is the time to make sausages. To brew beer. To put up the last summer vegetables and horde the strawberry jam from early […]

Okay, that didn’t go well

A combination of a rocky WordPress upgrade, a corrupt database file, and somewhat lax backup practices means that I’ve lost all of 2009’s data. Anything I’ve posted and any comments received since December of 2008 are somewhere off in the ether. They are most definitely not in the database they used to call home.

I’ll […]

Coming Soon: Technique of the Week and more

Things are still perking along behind the scenes here at Edge in the Kitchen world headquarters. I’m told that the printing gnomes have nearly finished their jobs. The finished books should be coming off the presses today, well ahead of the June 10 on-sale date. I’m certain there will be Harry Potter-like […]

Ruhlman’s Kitchen Gear

Michael Ruhlman, author of The Elements of Cooking, has a short bit on his favorite kitchen gear. I like the way he thinks. We all have too much crap in our kitchens. I do agree with many of the comments, though. I would have a hard time getting along without my tongs.

Stay Tuned

If anyone has, in fact, stopped by chadwrites.com in the last day or two you’ll note that the placeholder page is gone and this rapidly shifting blog/website/disaster area has taken its place. Things are in transition. This will become the venue to discuss my book, kitchen knives, kitchen science, new books and other projects . […]

Dear god, I have a blog. Can the Apocolypse be far behind?

Blog. What an unpleasant word. It’s something you expect to see in a horror novel (“It was squatting there, like a blog, looking disreputable and vaguely sinister”) or describing an unfortunate bodily function (“I can’t eat cucumbers, they make me blog”).

Now I have one.

Why, you ask? Apparently this is my publisher’s big plan […]