A Chef’s Table with Jim Coleman, WHYY

Sorry for the lack of attention to the blog lately. I’m finishing up the proposal for my next book, which has kept me away from just about everything else. Things will be back on schedule shortly.

A couple of months ago I was interviewed on WHYY’s A Chef’s Table with Jim Coleman. Jim is a working chef who really gets down to the nuts and bolts of cooking and food trends. If your local public radio station doesn’t carry A Chef’s Table, it’s also available as a podcast.  Jim’s show isn’t as widely available as The Splendid Table, and public radio stations that carry one don’t carry the other, which is a shame, but the show is a lot of fun and a great resource. My interview aired on the August 9, 2008 show and happens about 18:45 into the show. Here is a direct link to the audio (Real Media file).

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