Guest Blogging on Leite’s Culinaria

David Leite has been kind enough (or desperate enough) to invite me to do a couple of guest pieces for his blog on Leite’s Culinaria. Today’s entry, “So Ya Wanna Buy a Knife” You have decided that it is time to get serious, time to show the world that you have arrived and are ready […]

Pricey Shun Mandolin Hits the Streets

Shun has been generating a lot of press lately (at least in the trade pubs) with background information and photos of its new mandolin. Here’s the press release — 2008 March — Kai Presents the Shun Pro Mandolin to the Marketplace March 1, 2008, Tualatin, OR – It’s the ideal tool for swiftly slicing firm […]

Stay Tuned

If anyone has, in fact, stopped by in the last day or two you’ll note that the placeholder page is gone and this rapidly shifting blog/website/disaster area has taken its place. Things are in transition. This will become the venue to discuss my book, kitchen knives, kitchen science, new books and other projects . […]

Dear god, I have a blog. Can the Apocolypse be far behind?

Blog. What an unpleasant word. It’s something you expect to see in a horror novel (“It was squatting there, like a blog, looking disreputable and vaguely sinister”) or describing an unfortunate bodily function (“I can’t eat cucumbers, they make me blog”). Now I have one. Why, you ask? Apparently this is my publisher’s big plan […]